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It is a wonderful opportunity to have a job you love, while working from home, is not it? is a website created with the purpose to bring together talented, aspiring freelance writers who specifically specialize in providing English-speaking students with well-done, polished assignments.

Paid essay writing is a combination of passion for a written word and an excellent opportunity to earn extra cash or even to devote your professional career to this field. The majority of our writers are working full-time who get paid to write essays.

Our Compensation Levels

We do understand how challenging it is to deliver an excellent piece of writing that meets requirements of a demanding client. While our compensation is flexible, the basic levels are the following:

  • Urgent writing - up to $11 per page
  • Non-urgent writing - $4-7 per page
  • Proofreading & editing - $1.5-3 per page

In addition to our standard compensation system, we have a motivating bonus program to express our appreciation of the top writers. Thus, if you are chosen as a preferred writer by the customer, you will get a bonus of 10% of the order's total. If a customer positively evaluates your work, you get plus 10% as well. Thus, the quality of your work is transformed into real financial bonuses!

Payment Methods and Schedules

We release payments on a monthly basis. Specifically, payments are released on 10th of every month and cover all orders written during the previous calendar month. For example, on March 10th you receive payment for all orders written or edited from February 1 till February 28.

Payments are released via paypal (preferable method), which is very convenient and instant, as well as via wire transfer (a $20 fee is applied). Moreover, we are open to consider your preferences as well.

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